Give Your Business an AI-boost

An intelligent search engine that listens, learns, understands, and anticipates the desires of each customer.

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Streamline paths to purchase
  • Perfect discovery experience
Maximize conversion rate & AOV
Our intelligent search algorithm sorts the products' ranking & regularly shuffles the position based on the updated analytics that helps you Convert more visitors with higher AOV.  
Enhance the shopping experience
Provide the perfect discovery experience with collections, merchandising, personalization, recommendations, visual search & landing pages.
Better know your customers
By extracting the keywords and interactions of your customers from your eCommerce. We turn your search bar into an invaluable data source for your online store.

More than a search engine, a sales assistant

  • Smart search

    Our AI-powered algorithms deliver autocomplete, spell-check, and synonyms, and even suggest terms and products instantly, while the customer interacts with the search bar.

  • Spot-on navigation pages

    Help customers drill down to find the products they are looking for. Define, rename, and reorganize attributes, such as size, color, brand, price, and more.

  • Context-driven merchandising

    Promote specific products based on past and current user behavior by defining triggers-such as searched terms or applied filters- that will add, remove, or promote products, brands, or categories.

  • Fine-tune relevance rules

    Assign weight and prioritize attributes that can influence the search results-such as bestsellers, products with discounts, popularity, promotions, release dates, and more.

Search-originated revenue share
Sessions of search results
Store conversion rates
Key features of SpeedShop Smart Search 
AI-based Search
· Voice search, image search, and semantic search
· Instant search & predictive autocomplete
· Did You Mean & related searches
· Typo & autocorrection
Personalized Search
· Automatically re-order products in search results
· Personalized product recommendation
· Personalized promotions display
· Customer intent discovery
Advanced Analytics
· Overview usage for search & collection
· Product  & search terms report
· Collection conversion report
· Search impact report

Boost your business with a real AI-powered search engine

  • SpeedShop
    Machine Learning

    Our search engine learns each day, understands every request, and automatically adapts its responses. 

  • SpeedShop
    Natural Language Processing

    Your shoppers deserve the most advanced linguistic processing to help them find what they want on your website.

  • SpeedShop
    Semantic Search Algorithm

    Our search algorithm makes browsing more productive by better comprehending the intent of the user behind the search term; instead of simply matching keywords to products.

Boost your business with a real AI-powered search engine

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