You need the right product information
GTech PIM achieves great measurable business value
Sell Faster
GTech PIM helps faster time to market and enables retailers cut time to market from 6 hours to less than 30 minutes.
Sell Better
GTech PIM improves product performance in multi-channel. Brands that used 佳应 PIM grew conversions by 35%.
Sell Easier
GTech PIM centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales, and technical product information.
Easily manage millions of SKUs with thousands of attributes
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Unlock growth with best-in-class product experiences
Easily import
SpeedShop PIM can connect to all your product data feeds in minutes. You’ll see faster product onboarding with less work!
Centrally manage
GTech PIM gives a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs.
Enrich & optimize
Adding detailed descriptions, media assets and detailed attribution ensures your products are found by search engines and customers.
Multi-channel publishing
Automatic publishing is quick and simple to set up. You can easily push data to eCommerce stores, mobile apps, resellers, and in-store POS.
Brands & Manufactures
Manufacturers are increasingly moving into B2C and D2C markets. This requires a totally different set of product information from a B2B market. GTech PIM enables them to meet the needs of both audiences.
Distributors face a real challenge in managing increasing volumes of high-quality, consistent product data. SpeedShop PIM is an end-to-end holistic platform with the capabilities to meet their needs.
Retailers & Marketplaces
Optimize all product information for eCommerce stores on time. Gain great visibility of products and generate an omnichannel experience for customers.
Key features
Product Data Management
A web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag & drop operations.
Multi-store Publishing
Supply your output channels with the right product information.
Digital Asset Management
Images, videos, PDFs, and more are vital media associated with your products.
Workflow Management
Boosts accuracy and productivity by establishing standardized editorial workflows.
Multi-language Management
Handle product information in multiple languages fast and easily.
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