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Iconic Brand Digital Transformation Story

Giti Tire

Giti Tire is a Singapore-based global tire company that provides tires to more than 130 countries and is ranked among the world's largest tire companies with a revenue of $3.1 billion in 2019.

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Distributors today face major challenges due to new digital competitors, changing customer expectations, increasing product and pricing transparency, and growing pressure for efficiency.

Cooperating with GTech Digital, Giti Tire digitalized our sales and after-sales channels and integrated multiple sub-brands operations & marketing on one platform that allows Giti Tire’s distribution partners to turn B2B buyers into loyal, happily returning customers.

Digitalization in distribution systems is perhaps the most significant trend in the evolution of manufacturing. GTech Digital helps us improve our customer satisfaction, reduce order times, and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.

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    For Brand

    · Improve channel visibility and sales efficiency

    · Real-time sales data tracking to improve transparency

    · Targeted customer segments, inform business decisions

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    For Distributor

    · Improve operational and service efficiency

    · Real-time order and account period tracking

    · Expand regional coverage and service capabilities

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    For Retail

    · Transparent sales policies

    · Extensive product selection online

    · Digital tools to reduce operational costs

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