Huawei and GTech Establish Strategic Partnership to Support Digitalization and Innovation-based Sustainable Development.
[Indonesia, Jakarta, 20 April 2022]Huawei, the global leading provider of ICT solutions signed an MoU with GTech, a digital business company with the vision of creating a robust digital ecosystem. The MoU signing confirmed the commitment of Huawei and GTech to the strategic partnership that they build to support the acceleration of digital transformation in vital sectors as well as the sustainable development based on research and innovations in Indonesia.

The MoU between Huawei and GTech was signed by Jason Zhang, CEO of Huawei Cloud Indonesia and Tantowi Yahya, Roving Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Pacific, Chairman of PT Bali Turtle Island Development, and the President Director of United in Diversity, witnessed by Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Zeng Xinyun, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific, Enki Tan, Chairman of Giti Tire & GTech, Suyoto M. Si, Chairman of UID Foundation, and Hartarto Gautama, Chairman of PT Indo Muro Kencana.

In this strategic partnership, Huawei and GTech will focus on the utilization of Cloud + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Digitalization, while fully leveraging each other’s advantages and expertise in the fields of capital, technology, and market share, to build a stable long-term partnership.
Zeng Xinyun, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific said that as the leading provider of Cloud services, HUAWEI CLOUD will implement the new 3AZ region in Indonesia this year. Through this strategic partnership with GTech, he continued, Huawei is committed to strengthening exchange and partnership in the development of Smart Retail, Digital Finance, Smart Ocean and Maritime, Smart Healthcare, Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Mining, and digital talents’ competence.

Furthermore, Huawei – GTech strategic partnership becomes greater in importance due to its commitment to supporting the Digitization of Bali Turtle Island or KKB. The development of Bali Turtle Island is currently one of the government's priorities related to the future vision of making this place a world-class center for innovation and research development, as well as a hub for innovation and incubation of Indonesian technopreneurs in achieving sustainable development targets.

“This strategic partnership will synergize Huawei’s leadership in the fields of 5G, public cloud, and AI technologies with GTech’s rich industrial experiences. Huawei and GTech will also work together using their expertise to support the development of world-class brands based on innovations, and to contribute to the digital transformation and the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia,” said Zeng Xinyun. Meanwhile,Enki Tan, Chairman of Giti Tire & GTech explained that Huawei's leading technology and world-recognized expertise have enabled GTech to develop intelligent digital services and solutions needed by its customers from various sectors. “We need Huawei's advanced technologies like Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, which would enable us to innovate to deliver smart digital services and platforms for a wide range of industries – from retail, digital finance, manufacturing, automotive, public services, mining to healthcare. We highly lauded Huawei for its strong commitment in building this strategic partnership with GTech.”

Still, on the same occasion, Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia again pointed out that for Huawei, Indonesia is the largest digital market in the Asia Pacific, and among the important digital hubs in this region.

“Since early in our presence in Indonesia more than 22 years ago, Huawei is committed to continuing supporting the success of Indonesia's digital transformation through the technologies we have developed such as Cloud, AI, and 5G, as well as through knowledge transfer that we consistently carry out together with the government, industry, world of education, community and media. Our strategic collaboration with GTech to complement each other's advantages is an affirmation of our growing commitment to contributing to the achievement of Indonesia's Great Vision,” concluded Jacky.